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Astronomy Adventures Arizona

How Can AAAZ Help You?


“What kind of telescope should I buy?”  That is a question that we are asked all of the time!  And, to be perfectly honest, we're not just a telescope selling business.  Don’t get the wrong impression; we will certainly find you a quality telescope, if that’s what you want and need.  But, that is the key; what exactly do you, our client, really want and need?


Here at Astronomy Adventures Arizona, we can recommend a wide range of products and services to help determine whether or not you would like to purchase a great instrument.  Perhaps, you would first prefer to go out on a custom-made astronomy tour, to visit other people using telescopes.  Or, maybe you’d like to schedule one of our own personally designed observing sessions, to be held wherever you like and for as long as you want.


Once you have decided that you would like to own your own observing equipment, we’ll then help you figure out just what meets your needs.  From introductory level instruments for new observers (both young and old), and binoculars for the quick and casual star gazing session, all the way up to professional grade telescopes and observatories,  we can help you make a choice that you will use and enjoy for the rest of your astronomy life.


Drop by for a visit, give us a call, or send us an email.  We love to talk astronomy, telescopes, and imaging.  Southern Arizona is the perfect place to embark on an astronomy adventure, and we would love to help you discover yours.

"Just to let you know - people were ABSOLUTELY blown away...

Thank you, thank you!" - Dr. Jeannie M.

Astronomy Adventures Arizona

"Your participation exceeded our expectations.

You were entertaining as well as educational...a rare talent." - Nelson T.

"Fantastic the whole way through.  They enthusiastically explained everything folks were looking at and had an endless supply of anecdotes – definitely schedule an astronomy event with them!!" - Marc @ FLV.

Astronomy Adventures Arizona

A Telescope is just the beginning - and it isn't even required!


Don’t own your own telescope?  Never allow that to keep you from exploring the cosmos!

Here at Astronomy Adventures Arizona, we provide a wide variety of options to those who might wish to start a new astronomy hobby, expand their interest in observing the cosmos, or even to just take a fun and educational trip to an observatory, planetarium, or “star party."  All of these things are available to you - whether you have a telescope or not.


Of course, if it’s hardware you want, we'll help with that as well - from binoculars and telescopes to accessories, software and books.  Or, perhaps it’s an astronomy class you’d like, or personal instruction with your own telescope; these options are easy to arrange.


Finally, we can plan and host observing sessions for all kinds of public, private, and corporate events.  Whether it’s a family reunion, a company picnic, a school science night or even an intimate anniversary for two, we’ll provide the right number of telescopes and experienced operators to guarantee an awe-inspiring evening.  An hour-long observing session can be scheduled for less than $100.  For a list of services, prices, and other options we offer, please see our menu of astronomy services.


If you’re more of the “Do-It-Yourself” type, we’ll even help you strike out on your own.

Just visit our “Links and App’s” page for tons of information, guidance and suggestions.  There you’ll find info about how to design and run your own star party, you’ll have access to weather forecast sites, moon phase charts, activity suggestions and more.  If you’d like to start investigating just what kind of telescope fits you like a glove, well there is guidance there about what to consider when buying your own instrument.  It’s a treasure trove of self help!  And when you’re ready, call us or send an email, and we’ll take it to the next level.

Astronomy Adventures Arizona
Astronomy Adventures Arizona

"Chuck, I thought that was a great show!" - Bob C.


Let Us Tailor an Astronomy Adventure for You!



Services Provided                                      Service Fee                        


Introductory 2-hour Observing Session             $99 (certain restrictions apply)


Beginner/Intermediate Introduction to Observing   $40/person (max 10 per class)


Personalized Telescope Instruction                $40/hr (Your telescope)


Telescope Maintenance & Cleaning                  $30/hr (Plus parts)


Astronomy Event Coordination & Planning           $30/hr (1-hour minimum)


Adventure Scheduling & Reservation Services       $30/hr (1-hour minimum)

Solar Telescope Observing                         $35/hr (1-hour minimum)


Telescope at Hosted Events                        Starting at $75 (see fee schedule)


These are only examples of the services provided by Astronomy Adventures Arizona.  Actual fees may be higher based on equipment, number of observation hosts, and hours required for your event.  In addition, there are certain times when specials are offered, and discounted prices may apply.  Please contact us at our phone number or email for all the details to create your own astronomy adventure.  You may review a more complete schedule of charges HERE.



Phone: 520-419-6343                          Email:

Astronomy Adventures Arizona
Astronomy Adventures Arizona
Astronomy Adventures Arizona
Astronomy Adventures Arizona
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