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M8 and M20_edited.jpg


Was able to visit the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Club's dark sky site, southeast of Tucson recently.  When you have dark skies with little or no light pollution from large surrounding metropolitan areas, you can capture some truly stunning sights!

These are the Lagoon Nebula (M8) on the left, and The Trifid Nedula (M20) on the right.  I was able to catch them both in the same field of view for this image.  With a little photo processing magic, I think I ended up with a pretty nice image of the pair!

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Astronomy Adventures Arizona


Here's a small gallery of interesting pictures.  They're not all taken through a telescope, and some are just long exposure images taken while mounted on a camera tripod, or even a cellphone shot.  Processing was kept to a minimum, so that just about anyone can get similar results.  Click on any image to get a slightly better view.


If you'd like any of your images included in our gallery, just send them along with your permission to use them.  We'll update the gallery from time-to-time, and there is no set period until the next batch will be posted.  Hover over the shots, to get a little info about each picture.  Have fun!

  Image Gallery:
Astronomy Adventures Arizona
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