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Astronomy Adventures Arizona
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The brand new AAAZ 2024 Calendar is now available!  Each of the monthly images was captured by AAAZ staff in programs right here in Southern Arizona - The Astronomy Capital of the World!  There are a few available right now, and the cost is a very reasonable $24 plus shipping.  Want your own 8.5 x 11" gorgeous 2024 calendar?

Send an email to:!

Astronomy Adventures Arizona
Astronomy Adventures Arizona

A telescope is more than a tool for looking into space…

It’s one part spaceship, and one part time machine.

Astronomy Adventures Arizona
Astronomy Adventures Arizona

Plan your trip, and pick a destination.

Strap in, and hold on as our telescopes transport you there!


Astronomy Adventures Arizona
Astronomy Adventures Arizona

See the cosmos with new eyes.

Imagination runs wild as you visit stars, galaxies, and other worlds.

Astronomy is the final frontier!


Astronomy Adventures Arizona

has the right stuff to take you there.

Astronomy Adventures Arizona

The Moon on IOMN - 2019

Each year, usually in October, NASA hosts International Observe the Moon Night (IOMN).  It is held on the Saturday closest to the lunar first quarter, because it is at the "half-moon" phase when the shadows and contrast show the moon at her very best.

This year, the event will be hosted in the USA on the night of October 16th.  All over the world, there will be IOMN events to let anyone and everyone view our closest celestial neighbor.  In fact, AAAZ has registered to hold a lunar event right here in Tucson, AZ.  Go to our Contact Us page to send an email for more info.  Or, you can visit the NASA website to learn about or even host your own Lunar Viewing Program.

Go to:

to get all the info on this year's IOMN!

Astronomy Adventures Arizona


The universe is the life of the party!


Our telescopes are perfect for: 


  • Birthday Parties

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

  • School or Class Events

  • Business Retreats & Picnics

  • Family Reunions & Anniversaries

  • Faith Groups

  • Scouting Trips & Campouts

  • Personal Instruction


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We'll take a telescope ANYWHERE!


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October 16, 2021 is International Observe the Moon Night

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