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Looking more like an extra-galactic alien visitor, the COVID-19 Virus has had about the same impact.  This small "life form" has singlehandedly trashed most of the public astronomy programs the world over for many months to come.  And it's not just impacting astronomy - it's ALL programs, of any type, that involve more than a handful of people interacting together in close proximity.

Astronomy though is often practiced as a solitary effort, late at night, where "social distancing" is the norm.  So, while we are all legitimately concerned, and making every effort to quarantine ourselves, this is an opportunity to get a little extra time out under the stars with our favorite telescope and maybe our favorite warm beverage!

To facilitate your efforts, you can now download the Spring 2020 Newsletter, "Under the Big Top"; it's about astronomy's "Big Ticket" items.  Unfortunately, this issue is also updated with several of the AAAZ programs that have been canceled or re-scheduled.  Let's hope we can get back to normal, soon!

COVID-19 - US Centers for Disease Control

February 18, 2020 - Mars and the Moon Make a Little Magic!

Just before this whole Pandemic thing hit, we were all going about our normal work of educating and supporting the learning of students.  February 18, 2020 was a particularly busy day.  AAAZ had a star party that night, I was a Science Fair Judge all day, and then there was this little extra occultation of Mars by the Moon.  And that happened at 4:30am!

I was able to get up at 3am, and set up the camera equipment.  As we neared the time of the event, I snapped a few early pictures of the lunar approach.  As predicted, Mars slid behind the cresecent moon.  I waited about an hour to get a few shots of the reappearance.

Then, 90 minutes of sleep and off to be a science fair judge.  Nice!  You can get a few more details by downloading the Spring 2020 Newsletter.

Mars Start-BEST.jpg

Mars Prepares to Disappear 


Mars: A Dramatic Re-appearance

Astronomy Adventures Arizona
Astronomy Adventures Arizona

A telescope is more than a tool for looking into space…

It’s one part spaceship, and one part time machine.

Astronomy Adventures Arizona
Astronomy Adventures Arizona

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Astronomy Adventures Arizona
Astronomy Adventures Arizona

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Imagination runs wild as you visit stars, galaxies, and other worlds.

Astronomy is the final frontier!


Astronomy Adventures Arizona

has the right stuff to take you there.

Astronomy Adventures Arizona

The Pleiades have, since ancient times, been well known for their beauty.  Venus though also lays claim to physical perfection.

Every 8 years, the Goddess of Love visits the "Seven Sisters" to challenge for the title of most beautiful.  Whatever the outcome, we mortals witness a special event when they meet in the sky.

Steve Pompea captures the rare sight here - and for more images be sure to visit our Gallery Page!

The 2020 Venus/Pleiades Conjunction

by: Steve Pompea

Get Ready for Texas in 2024!

Believe me when I say that it isn't too early to start preparing for the next Total Solar Eclipse in 2024!  At left is an image we captured at the 2017 event when we traveled to Oregon for the last Great American Eclipse; I spent 10 years planning for that one, and this shot alone made it all worth while.

Texas in 2024 could be an even bigger and better event (it is Texas, after all!)  The path of totality will stretch from Texas all the way up to Maine, and the total time of totality will last more than TWICE as long as it did last time, in some cases.

I'm also considering that this version of the Great American Eclipse will be closer to my home-base here in Tucson, Arizona.  So, start making your plans NOW!  I'll be sending out a lot more information over the months (and years) to come.  If you want any advance info on where AAAZ will be, just send an email; I'm making my arrangements now - Texas, here we come!

Astronomy Adventures Arizona


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