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Yes, it is finally here!  The Chuck Dugan Quarterly Astronomy Newsletter is available for download.  This newsletter is a little more technical than most, as we spend some time dealing with celestial motion, how things move in the sky.

It's not terribly difficult, after all the Greeks began looking at this stuff nearly 3,000 years ago.  I'm pretty sure you'll do fine.  And if you have questions or comments, you can do that by sending me an email.

As an added benefit, I have also issued the 2020 AAAZ Calendar.  Great new images, and many exciting astronomical events await in this 12-month schedule of adventures!  Get your 2020 Astronomy Calendar here.

Veteran's Day is a day for honoring our Vet's.  While we don't exchange gifts, or shoot off sky rockets, this year Mercury paid them the honor of a rare "fly-by".

All the planets orbit the Sun, near the ecliptic...the plane of the solar system.   Once in a while things line up to give us a special sight.  Today, Mercury was aligned with the Earth so that we were able to see it "transit" across the solar disk.  Here in the U.S. we won't witness the feat again until the year 2049.


We took advantage to show the fleet little one off in a public viewing at the Crossroads at Silverbell Park in Marana, AZ.  Here are a couple of images.  Click the pic to zoom in on the tiny speck to see the round "black marble" against the Sun.  

Mercury Transit - Visual Filter

Mercury Transit - H-Alpha Filter

The Christmas Tree Cluster, NGC 2264 - Steve Peterson


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International Observe the Moon Night (IOMN) happens in October each year.  The organizers try to pick a night near First Quarter, because that is one of the nights that makes the moon look REALLY intense!  Actually, the same thing happens at LAST QUARTER, but nobody wants to get up at MIDNIGHT!  Well, almost nobody.

Here is my best shot using just my cell phone held up to the eyepiece.  Almost anyone can shoot pic's like a pro when your subject is this beautiful!

IOMN - October 2019

Get Ready for Texas in 2024!

Believe me when I say that it isn't too early to start preparing for the next Total Solar Eclipse in 2024!  At left is an image we captured at the 2017 event when we traveled to Oregon for the last Great American Eclipse; I spent 10 years planning for that one, and this shot alone made it all worth while.

Texas in 2024 could be an even bigger and better event (it is Texas, after all!)  The path of totality will stretch from Texas all the way up to Maine, and the total time of totality will last more than TWICE as long as it did last time, in some cases.

I'm also considering that this version of the Great American Eclipse will be closer to my home-base here in Tucson, Arizona.  So, start making your plans NOW!  I'll be sending out a lot more information over the months (and years) to come.  If you want any advance info on where AAAZ will be, just send an email; I'm making my arrangements now - Texas, here we come!


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