Taken on October 30, 2019, by a great local imager, amateur astronomer, telescope operator extraordinaire, and all-around-good-ol'-boy, Steve Peterson.  This is, NGC 7023; the Iris Nebula, a haunting Halloween reflection nebula in the constellation Cepheus.


And, because Steve rates pretty darn high on the "Chuck Dugan GF-scale", here are the imaging details:


This is the median combination of eleven 10-minute exposures obtained with an SBIG STF-8300C, equipped with a Baader UV-IR Cut filter, coupled to my Orion 120 ED f/7.5 refractor telescope. Acquired and processed solely in MaxIm DL.

That description should scare the Hell out of you!!


  Picture of the Month:


Here's a small gallery of interesting pictures.  They're not all taken through a telescope, and some are just long exposure images taken while mounted on a camera tripod.  Processing was kept to a minimum, so that just about anyone can get similar results.


If you'd like any of your images included in our gallery, just send them along with your permission to use them.  We'll update the gallery from time-to-time, and there is no set period until the next batch will be posted.  Hover over the shots, to get a little info about each picture.  Have fun!

  Image Gallery:

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Cosmic Rose

The Rosette Nebula is often mis-labeled as a planetary nebula, the final expansion of a dead star. In fact, this is a stellar nursery. Note the new baby star cluster in the core!